Health is wealth. You can’t exactly pay to be healthy, can you? You can get all the medical procedure like liposuction to get rid of stubborn fat, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you maintaining your health properly and to the best of your abilities. Being fit is not something that happens instantly; you have to exert yourself as much as you can and exercise every day to be fit. Exercising equipments are quite expensive nowadays, you could always get a gym membership, and this would benefit you greatly. But if that also is out of your price range, you could always buy some quality equipment which is also budget friendly so you can use them every day.

–    A pair of good running shoes. Puma and Nike offer some amazing ones that last a long time. Use them, go out on a run for an hour every day. Probably in a park or your own neighborhood if there is no traffic. This will benefit your heart greatly as cardio is the key to losing weight and maintaining good health.

–    A jump rope would cost you less than $20. It is an incredibly useful item that makes you lose twice as many calories when compared to running or cycling. It elevates your heart rate and significantly improves your health and gets you in form.

–    A workout bench can be used for standard exercises such as chest press which would strengthen your pectoral muscles and dumbbells can be used to improve bicep muscles. ‘the step’ is another good option enabling you to jump on and off which proves to be a good workout. All of these are available under $40-$90.

–    A Bosu ball provides insane improvements to your balance, strength, and core. For cardio put it on the floor with the ball side facing up and use it as a step. Flip it over and use the flat surface for lunges, squats, and pushups.

–    Dumbbells are the lifeblood of a gym rat. One cannot survive in the gym without one. They can be used for all upper body exercises, and most upper body muscles can be worked out by the use of dumbbells. When you are purchasing one start with 5 pounds, then 10, 20, etc. you get the idea right? Goes on like that; finally, you will have an entire dumbbell set for all kinds of exercises. You can get most of them under $50.

–    A yoga mat must be on the list because before and after every workout one must stretch. And you can do this on a clean, good quality mat. Abs can be worked out on them very well. They are also a good thing to do pushups, lunges, and planks on. They are incredibly soft as well. Available under $40.

A home gym doesn’t have to cost a fortune, with the above you are almost there, non-machine workouts can also help you go a long way in your fitness journey.