cycling for weight loss
  1. Focus on Your Upper Body Fitness

Generally, when you are cycling for weight loss, people ignore their upper body portion which results in losing muscle volume. It is because cycling involves the muscle movement of your lower body portion only so it is highly recommended to must focus on your upper body portion as well for a fit and maintained body. It does not mean to spend hours working out instead you can simply opt for a twenty minutes work out on alternate days or maybe twice a week would show some good results too.

  1. Enjoy Your Ride

Well, it is very important to enjoy your ride instead of burdening yourself with an additional chore just because you need to lose weight. Losing weight requires consistency and if you do not enjoy your ride then obviously you are going to lose interest sooner and will feel tired all the time. So, it is better to choose some scenic routes which can help you relieve stress or join a cycling club or some hiking club where you can put one of your best mountain bikes to good use with your friends. This way you can have fun while cycling instead of considering it as a tiring part of your life.

  1. Check the Cycling Basics

woman bikersIn order to maintain the consistency of cycling, you must be aware of the basics of cycling so you do not end up with painful muscles and tired feeling all the time. For that, make sure you chose the right cycle as per the distances and terrain of the majority of your workouts. Similarly, wearing good cycling shorts will make the ride comfortable for you, a helmet will keep you safe from possible accidents and cycling shoes will protect your feet from getting swelled or injured. Cycling shoes are also very helpful in improving the pedal stroke efficiency so you can go for longer rides at high speeds within your comfort zones.

  1. Have a Healthy Breakfast Before Cycling

A healthy breakfast is a key to success for any goal in your life as you are all fueled up for any challenge waiting ahead for you. Same goes for cycling when a healthy breakfast will kick-start your metabolism before you start your workout. Otherwise, an empty stomach will hold onto its fat stores instead of burning them as the metabolic process works like that to save the fats for later use when needed.

  1. Make Few Hard Efforts Right Before You Finish

Studies show that post-exercise oxygen consumption can trigger the burning of fat stores so don’t lose this chance by ending your ride at a slow pace when you want to finish. You can save your hard efforts for ending while you can maintain a normal pace during the whole cycling period. Just right before finishing your ride, make some hard efforts with fast riding and breathing will show you some great results to embrace.

  1. Use Electrolyte Drinks

These drinks are a great substitute to energy drinks which can provide high glycemic carbohydrates to your muscles when in extreme state. While electrolyte drinks help you to recover your energy without any carb based calories.